Canadian Egyptian Heritage Association

Days of Action For Newcomer Students And Parents


The Canadian Egyptian Heritage Association (CEHA) is launching a spring/summer educational program. The program is composed of 5 “Days of Action” between the months of April to August 2022 in support of newcomer students in grades 7-10 and their parents living in the GTA Region of Ontario.

There are 3 main objectives for this project, which are as follows:

  1. To provide the knowledge on how to combat racism and hate if encountered in the school community.
  2. To provide newcomer students and parents with the knowledge, space and tools to build/rebuild connections with their school communities in a post-pandemic environment; and,
  3. To provide parents with the knowledge and tools to support newcomer students with improving their confidence and mental health.

Each Day of Action will focus on a different topic as follows:

  1. Racial Equity and Diversity in School Communities
  • Conduct group activities to bring together newcomer students and parents and build connections
  • Conduct discussions on racial equity in school environments
  1. Gender Equality in Relation to Race
  • Introduction of Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and how interfaith dialogue and racial cohesion and unity exist in Ontario and in Canada
  1. Identifying and Building Community Allies and Resources
  • Introducing community resources, helplines and agencies which can assist youth and parents in seeking assistance and advice on handling racism and discrimination
  • Inviting guest speakers from the social services field to help newcomer students and parents recognize what a community ally is in the context of community racism and discrimination.
  1. Building Mental Health and Confidence in Youth
  • Inviting social service organizations to provide mental health resources for students and parents
  • Conduct activities to help students build confidence and capacity to build connections with other students
  1. Combating Acts of Discrimination and Hate
  • Introducing community partners working in the social services field to provide resources and tools to assist students and help navigate acts of discrimination and racism in a school environment

The activities are going to take place both in person and online. More details about the location and dates are going to be published soon.