The Canadian Egyptian Heritage Association

CEHA was founded in March 2019 as a non-profit organization with the purpose to promote and preserve the Egyptian heritage in Canada for our present and future generations to hold and cherish, and ensure sustainable celebration of Canadian Egyptian heritage from one generation to the next.

Today, Canadian Egyptians are creating a positive impact in various fields on domestic as well as international levels. Canada is an important destination for Egyptian immigrants as there are approximately 100,000 people of Egyptian origin in Ontario , forming vibrant communities across the Province.

As the birthplace, to some of the world’s first civilizations, Egypt has thousands of years of history and has seen hundreds of different empires, kingdoms and cultures. Egypt’s history is rich with many diverse and unique cultures and empires. Canada is home to thousands of Egyptian-Canadians who contribute to the economy, culture and advancement of Canada and Ontario through substantial contributions to many fields, including yet not limited to academia, medicine, pharmacy, nuclear energy, aviation, engineering and many trades and businesses. Therefore, Bill 106 2019 Egyptian Heritage Month Act has received its royal assent by the Lieutenant Governor General to celebrate Canadian-Egyptians through the month of July.

The Canadian Egyptian Heritage Association took upon itself the responsibility of ensuring the sustainability and preservation of the Egyptian heritage, hence the Canadian-Egyptian heritage in Canada from one generation to the next through the hosting, collaborating, and management of well planned activities and events that results into supporting diversity in Canada and inviting people from Ontario, other provinces, and from other countries to celebrate such a rich heritage in Ontario- Canada.

CEHA is governed through an Egyptian Canadian Board of Directors and enjoys the commitment of many volunteers of Canadians born in Egypt as well as born Canadians with Egyptian roots. Since its inception, CEHA has adopted the organization and management of a number of events that focused on the celebration of the Egyptian Heritage in Canada, while hosting Egyptian Ministries, government officials, and public figures to honour the celebration and as public speakers in various topics related to the Egyptian Heritage in Canada. This has resulted in encouraging tourism to Ontario, promoting Canada through Egyptian Media, and increasing awareness of the Canadian Values, Diversity, Multiculturalism, and the Egyptian community in Canada.