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Canadian Egyptian Heritage Association

الهيئة الكندية للتراث المصري

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We would like to acknowledge and thank the Government of Ontario for its help and support to CEHA. 

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Egyptian History Month 2023 is here!

CEHA Mission

To promote and preserve the Egyptian heritage in Canada for our present and future generations to hold and cherish, and to ensure sustainable celebration of Canadian Egyptian heritage from one generation to the next….


The Canadian Egyptian Heritage Association Responsibility

To ensure the sustainability and preservation of the Egyptian heritage, opening the door for the Canadian-Egyptian to blossom from one generation to the next through the hosting, collaborating, and management of activities and events that result in supporting diversity in Canada and inviting people from Ontario, other provinces, and from other countries to celebrate such a rich heritage in Ontario- Canada.


Celebrating the Egyptian Heritage in Canada.

CEHA has adopted the organization and management of several events which have focused on the celebration of the Egyptian Heritage in Canada, while hosting Egyptian Ministries, government officials, public figures, and public speakers in an effort to honour and celebrate the Egyptian Heritage in Canada.

There are approximately 100,000 people of Egyptian origin in Canada, forming vibrant communities across the country.

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أكثر من 62 ألف زائرا حضروا المهرجان المصري ” الأضخم” وتفاعل الجماهير مستمر على وسائل الإعلام المحلية والدولية

مروة ناجي تتعملق و عمرو على يتألق والميدان امتلأ عن آخره بالجماهير الرائعة في اليوم الأول للمهرجان المصري

عشاق النجم العالمي مينا مسعود بطل فيلم علاء الدين يمكنهم التقاط الصور التذكارية معه بالمهرجان

قطار الطفطف المحبب للأطفال والكبار من مفاجآت المهرجان المصري برعاية الهيئة الكندية للتراث المصري

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